First Ladies Quilt- part 6

Hello, Everyone!

Today I’d like to continue with another installment of our beautiful First Ladies Quilt.

We made two more blocks this month, and I must say, they were tough. Stacked and turned flying geese and half-square triangle segments slowed me down a little.

The first is Jacqueline Kennedy. See the block below.

This block plays with flying geese and half square triangles (HST) to form an arrow pattern. It starts with a center square 3-1/2”. The flying geese segments to the top, bottom and sides (or North, South, East and West) are a stack of two with the purple strategically placed to form the arrow. Those segments are 3-1/2”uf. The four corners are a 2” red square with two red HST to form another arrow, and a 2” corner square of background fabric. Those segments are also 3-1/2”uf. Please see them both below.

As I constructed each flying geese unit I trimmed them to their correct size, I also squared up the HST. When those units are then sewn together it’s much easier to match points. And of course, a much prettier finished block.

Our next block is Lady Bird Johnson. See the block below.

This block also starts with center square, this one 2-3/4” – a little smaller than the first block. Again the flying geese segments follow the N-S-E-W block pattern, this time three in each segment with one turned to form the diamond. Each of those four segments are 2-3/4” x 3-7/8”uf. Our four corner segments are two rectangles joined to a 1-5/8” square and a corner square 2-3/4”. See them both below.

I like the visual flow of this block. The N-S-E-W portion is nicely “framed” by the rectangle and square part of the corner segment.

A picture of the entire First Ladies Quilt can be seen at my November 21, 2019 post. Please take a look at the other posts over the past months to see how our quilt is progressing.

I must confess, I’m in catch-up mode with my blocks. The pandemic affected out monthly classes. I have class again in a couple weeks and I should have 2 more months done (4 blocks). I hope to have the next post done for you by the end of August (I just said a quick prayer to the Quilting Gods).

Until next time- find some time to sew!