I learned to sew in Middle school- when sewing was still taught in school. I fell in love and kept sewing- Santa brought me a Kenmore sewing machine, sewing cabinet and my first pair of LEFT-HANDED sewing scissors. Over the next decade I sewed garments for myself. I took a break from sewing for about 15 years, then returned and got interested in home dec projects. Then I took a class to learn how to quilt. WOW- straight lines, angles, shapes and colors- all the things that give me warm, fuzzy feelings. I had found my true love, and have never looked back.

I’ve been quilting for 14 years now. Earlier this year I purchased a longarm; I can now finish the quilting process. I prefer a traditional piecing method and enjoy traditional and modern patterns and style. Personally I’m drawn to earth tones, brights, Civil War style fabrics. When it comes to creating something for you, we will create your item together.

I enjoy taking classes for the sake of perfecting technique. I like going to quilt shows- more to learn from the quilts than spend money. I am a member of the National Quilters Circle. I love teaching children and adults. Teaching “correct” quilting skills is important in developing good techniques to make beautiful quilted items. Last but not least, I love getting together for a sew day with friends.

I live in Reno, NV. I have an amazing guy by my side and two dogs who are shelter rescues; all of them fill my life with love and craziness. I’m sure you will learn more about them and my beautiful mountain surroundings as we quilt together.

Currently I like to sew every chance I get. Unfortunately I must work to pay the bills but hope to turn that tide to an even keel as I continue my quilting journey (with the retirement light in dim view at the end of the tunnel). Please check out my Services page for a starting point of my current offerings. Message me with any idea, I can’t wait to talk about creating something for you. There’s also shopping within my Etsy shop.

Quilting is a journey; many hours go into a project. I post items as quickly as I can and would much rather take the time to finish a superior product for you.

Thank you for visiting! Please see what I’m up to again soon!