Another Very Special Quilt!

Hello, Everyone!

I am happy to share my heartwarming experience with you. It is experiences like this that are blessings for us quilters and bring such joy to our daily lives.

A friend introduced me to a gal who wanted to finish a quilt. Samantha is starting college this month. She lives here in Reno and is attending college in Texas. Samantha made a quilt top with her Grandma when she was 8 years old; this quilt top is amazing for a child’s skill level. Sam wanted to finish the quilt and take it with her to college.

As we took a close look at it, there were just two spots that had to be fixed (we had to widen the seam allowance a little). There were two small puckers at corners; we left those alone for character. Samantha remembered, when they made the quilt Grandma made the friendship stars so they’d be perfect. We squared up the outside edge on the long sides just ¾”. Samantha decided on a small patriotic print for the backing and a navy blue binding.

Samantha decided to do a wavy crosshatch quilting on the domestic sewing machine, the same pattern as both baby quilts I’ve posted about recently. The quilting is done in a beige 35wt. thread. The finished size is 40” x 52”. Here it is.

Such a beautiful, traditional flag pattern and colors, the quilting choice and blue binding make the quilt so beautiful. It radiates a rich, vibrant feel.

I’d like to also thank Samantha for letting me be a part of finishing her quilt with her. Attending college away from home is a big step in a young person’s life. When I think of her, I’ll know that her quilt and all her Grandma’s love and goodness will be keeping her company.

Until next time- find some time to sew!