Paulette’s Quilt- Finished!

Hello, Everyone!

I’m happy to share this with you, another special quilt has been finished. I’m excited to share it with you because it’s my original design. This quilt has been a year-long journey and I’m so glad Paulette and Fred now have their quilt.

Please go to my 7-10-20 blog about Paulette’s quilt. That post gives you all the background on this design and its journey to become a quilt top. Today I will share the second half of this journey- the quilting.

As I make a quilt top I like to ponder the quilting design. When I’m done with a top I always take a black and white picture of it and print 3 copies. Looking at the black and white print allows you to see secondary patterns in a quilt and gives more ideas for quilting. I then take a pencil and ruler to the prints and start toying with quilting designs. I try to push my creativity to make two styles; a freestyle (or structured) pattern and one that uses rulers.

For this quilt I always felt I needed to showcase the focal fabric Paulette loves and follow that feel for the quilt pattern. I had just gotten the Panto-Graph for my longarm (see the 3-10-21 post). The set came with a paper pattern that fit the style of the focal fabric so I went for it! We used a 50 weight thread from Superior Threads called Raisin. The thread color is beautiful against the different browns on the top, I hope some of the pictures show that.

scrap fabric strip to test tension and basting the top edge of the quilt

So while this quilt’s journey has ended, the quilt pattern journey has just begun. I have plans for this pattern because I created it. My next task is to make another quilt (I have a vision of Kaffe Fassett fabrics) and develop the pattern to sell.

Until next time, find some time to sew!