Pantograph set- I Have a New Toy!

Hello, Everyone! Today I want to show you my new toy. Isn’t it fun when we get something new to play with!

Last month I purchased a Pantograph for my longarm. It is a laser light mounted to the sewing head. A paper pattern is utilized; it is unrolled and laid on the table (that’s part of the frame). A second set of handlebars is assembled on the back side of the sewing head; I work from that side of the table. Basically, you move across the quilt, tracing the pattern on the paper with the laser light, sewing as you go.

At the left you can see the laser light attached to the machine head- it looks like two small black cylinders crossed. That light points to the pattern sitting on the frame table, and then see the stitching, as it transfers onto the quilt.

This was practice, to get used to using the Pantograph

I really enjoy this tool, I can buy (and create my original) patterns. It elevates my longarm skill. I have already longarmed a quilt using the Pantograph. It will be in a blog post in the near future.

I want to give credit to the Pantograph pattern you are seeing here: Pattern name- Drift by Keryn Emerson available at item# ROLL-KE-RD126

I’m excited to move down my quilting road with my new tool! Using my sketching skills to design my own patterns interests me as well. I have a beautiful Patriotic quilt top that I made at a Mystery Quilt class in 2019; I’ve been pondering the longarming ever since. I even bought the quilting thread, the quilt pattern is the only thing holding me back. I’m pretty sure I’m going to use the Pantograph on a stars and wavy stripes pattern.

Until next time- find some time to sew!