I decided to do something a little cra-cra for 2021

Hello, Everyone! Today I’m straying from quilting!

The Christmas holidays for the past 15 years have been a little bit of a journey for me. I lost my Mom in late 2005 and then lost my Dad in May 2006. For (probably) the next 5 years I didn’t feel like celebrating Christmas and didn’t decorate my home. For at least 5 years after that decorating and celebrating were done at a very minor level. Then the 9’ tall tree I had (for my wonderful 10’ ceilings) became a pain in the butt to put together (as I got older, haha) so the last couple years it didn’t come out again!

A year ago I bought a 6’ tree. Before I made the purchase I had kept thinking about the last Christmas tree my Mom had… it was about 3 to 4’ tall and sat on a round table. Mom decorated it in white lights and clear crystal ornaments. The lights against the sparkle and gleam from the crystal was absolutely beautiful! You’d look at the tree and it had this white light aura surrounding it, like it was angelic. I debated replicating it and decided the memory was better (for now).

This year my 6’ tree was set up for the second time. I was busy finishing quilts for clients so it didn’t get decorations- except for three that were given as gifts. I just plugged it in every night and enjoyed the glow from my Christmas tree.

Enjoying the glowing tree gave me some inner peace… I reflected over the weird year we’d had and resigned myself to the same weirdness most likely being present for about 6 more months. Patience is a virtue. Quilting offers calm.

January started out busy for me; I was putting a quilt on the longarm, planning a new daily task strategy, planning Spring class offerings, etc. As I moved through the month the Christmas tree did not magically put itself away and I got kind of lazy about plugging it in at night. Then, I was looking at it one day (probably around the 20th) and thought, it’s 2021, a new year, and I am hopeful for change. I’m doing something different too!

I know others have done it, nothing new. Look at it! My February Tree! It’s so cute!

I’ll give you guys one guess what it will look like in March…

Until next time- find some time to sew! OR, pull out your February tree???

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