Rag Quilt update plus more

Hello Everyone!

Happy Holidays to all, I hope the close of 2109 and the DECADE finds you all healthy, happy and finding time to sew! It seems like forever since my last post but I’ve finally finished some things! Here’s the update-

I baked fruitcake! (see mentions of fruitcake saga in the 11-7 and 11-21 posts) Got that done before Thanksgiving. I got the report- it was yummy again. Below are a couple pictures. Comment- see how full the bowl gets after I add the fruit and nuts? It’s obvious this cake is more fruit than cake. And, the pretty loaves, all done. In 11 months I’ll do it all again.

I finished the Rag Quilt! It turned out nice! I liked the result of using a layer of cotton quilt batting as the middle layer. After the quilt was washed it got thick and fluffy. Very soft and warm with the familiar quilt weight to it. (Side note- I have another rag quilt here, cut out and ready to assemble. That one has two middle layers- both flannel. It will be good to compare the difference in the finished quilt. I’ll keep you posted). This one is 50” x 51” and is 8 squares across and 8 rows long. I may make another one, maybe larger. If anyone wants a custom made rag quilt please shoot me an email. Some pictures are below and you can find the listing on Etsy.

I finished a set of Wine Placemats! A set of six; those are pictured below and also listed on Etsy.

I have also decided to offer pre-sewn quilt binding on Etsy; that is posted now too. I am offering a 2 1/2” wide cotton binding strip, ready to sew onto your quilting project. Choice of lengths and colors.

I can hear you- you’re asking, Why Lisa, how have you found all this time to work?! The answer is I took the week off from work! My employer was nice enough to give us the days off after Christmas and I decided to extend it through New Years. Since Christmas Eve I’ve been sewing like a madwoman! We went out to dinner on Christmas Eve and saw the Star Wars movie on Christmas Day. Other than those outings I’ve been home sewing. I’m almost done with another quilt top, I have a table runner cut out for a class sample and have been planning some more classes. Over the next two days I have 2 stinky dogs (get the ORVUS soap out!) and I want to cover my gray roots. We’re ushering in the New Year at home with a nice dinner and more sewing planned!

Happy New Year, Everyone! Be safe, have fun and find some time to sew!