COVID-19 A hidden silver lining??

Hello, Everyone!

Life is kind of weird these days, I’m sure you know what I mean by that. I think it’s a little comical how everyone is struggling to find things to fill their time while now practicing “staying quiet” at home. I’m a little older so growing up I remember many family activities that didn’t include electronic items or gathering in crowds. Now is a time to reflect and return to a calmer frame of mind and lifestyle. Yesterday I heard a suggestion of keeping a diary. That’s a very good idea.

Now is also the time for something else- SEW!!! This could be a perfect silver lining for us quilters who always want to sew, always want to finish projects. Now’s the perfect time- get your in-progess projects out and finish them. Get new projects out and dig in. Get your notebook out and make notes of projects you want to do- get your design process to the picking fabric step.

Here in Nevada the Governor shut down the State a couple days ago; all non-essential businesses are closed- including the casinos- for 30 days. The quilt stores in town have already developed a system of shop over the phone, call the store when you arrive and they will bring the order out. It’s nice to know that if quilters need something they can get it to continue a project.

So if you’re one of many home with the kids because schools have been closed, or home for awhile because of “temporary unemployment” and if you can, sew to your heart’s content. Please shoot me an email of your finished items and I’ll post it- if you like. We’d all love to see and share stories of what we’ve worked on.

The company I work for is considered essential- we have to be available during emergencies for first responders, governments, hospitals, etc. I am fortunate to still be working. I’m grateful to be working but secretly wish I could have all day and all night to sew for the next 30 days. Nonetheless I have two projects I’m starting and will share their progress with you.

So here’s my advise. Take a deep breathe and roll your shoulders back. We will get through these next couple months. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. And get your sewing projects out! I want to be able to hear the low hum of sewing machines from across the country!

I already said it but I’ll say it again- until next time, find some time to sew!