First Ladies Quilt Part 4

Hello Everyone!

This is post #4 for this project. A couple weeks ago I spent the day sewing at my First Ladies Quilt class. This month we made two more blocks, each after a First Lady.

This first block is Betty Ford. A picture is below.

The center starts with a pinwheel made with 3 1/8″ half-square triangles. The pinwheel is 4 1/2” square. Last month’s post expressed happiness about my pinwheel matching well in the center- I’m sad to report I went two steps backward this month- I missed the center mark! I will continue to work on pinwheel perfection!

The same size half-square triangles finish off the block; the rust wheat fabric continues the pinwheel pattern outward and gold accents were added. The background fabric used in this block is a new one introduced into the quilt blocks this month.

I liked this block pattern and will probably make another quilt with it in the future.

The second block this month is named Rosalynn Carter. A picture of it is below.

The center starts with a pinwheel. The 2 3/8″ half-square triangles are sewn together to make the pinwheel that’s 3 1/4” square. And again, I failed on the center point of the pinwheel. Sad face.

The pinwheel is surrounded by two rows of flying geese units. The flying geese units are 1 1/2” x 3 1/4”. I like the way the inside row of geese units form the 8-point star shape when using two colors to form “star points”.

I liked doing the corner units for this block. Those started with a 2” square of background fabric. A 2 ½” square of navy wheat fabric was cut in half diagonally and sewn to each side of the square. Then a 3 7/8” square of background fabric was cut in half diagonally and added to complete the corner unit. I could see playing with this unit as well to make interesting larger patterns on a quilt. Looking at the block above using four of these forms an outer frame or border for the inner star.

Both the blocks this month are 9 1/2” unfinished and will frame the Eleanor Roosevelt center medallion. A picture of the entire quilt and the Eleanor Roosevelt center medallion are in the 11-21-19 First Ladies Post. If you are new for the Project please catch up with the monthly posts starting 11-21-19.

Watch for Part 5 post coming the end of March!

Until next month- find some time to sew!