Helpful Hint- Consistency Throughout Your Project

Hello Everyone!

When I sew my mindset is usually toward my business. I’m creating things to sell on Etsy, creating a sample for a class I will offer, etc. Sometimes I want a “break” from that mindset and try to work on one or two personal projects.

One of my personal projects currently is a quilt that has lots of tiny pieces- like 1-1/2” squares, rectangles 1-1/2” x 2-1/2”, finished flying geese the same size, etc. I work on this project once a month at a day-long class and then in between classes to try to keep caught up. This project is a daunting task as I’m realizing.

The other night I was sewing away on it; Bryne approached and asked why I was using my Pfaff sewing machine. My answer was, “Because I started this quilt on my Pfaff.”

That last sentence is important and the point of this Helpful Hint. I also speak from experience. When you start a project it is important to keep consistency. Use the same sewing machine for all sewing- each machine sews slightly different. Use the same weight thread throughout and use the same presser foot throughout. I have different quarter-inch presser feet so I always use the same foot for accuracy in seam allowance. Be sure to keep a consistent seam allowance as you sew. Do a seam allowance test if you’re not sure you’re sewing an accurate quarter-inch seam allowance. You may not think these details don’t make a difference, but they do. About 7 years ago I helped a friend sew a quilt for her granddaughter’s 16th Birthday. Each of us sewed about half of the blocks. The challenge was sewing the blocks together- her blocks were smaller than mine, some were close to 1” smaller. This is a classic example of why consistency is important.

In the story above I certainly don’t discourage friends or groups working on a quilt together. Just be careful from the start and set guidelines about block size and being sure everyone’s finished blocks are the same size. I’ve been helping a friend with a rag quilt that has pieced blocks. I’m able to help her with the stitch-in-the-ditch quilting on the blocks; she pieced all the blocks.

If you have any questions as always, please send me an email, it’s my pleasure to help you!

Until next time- find some time to sew!