First Ladies Quilt- part one

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to start this post. I will be posting monthly for the next year to share my journey on this personal project.

I am taking a Block of the Month Course with Windy Moon Quilt Shop here in Sparks. This past Sunday was the first class.

This will be a big quilt- 102” square. Each of the blocks in the quilt is named after a woman of importance in the political history of the United States. A picture of the quilt is below

This past Sunday we made the center medallion. The name of the block is Eleanor Roosevelt. This block measures 26” square. The block contains 3.75” squares and half-square triangles, and 3.75” x 7” flying geese units. The center of the block starts with a pinwheel.

As quilters, we learn to take a picture of a quilt top and view it in black and white to notice secondary patterns. When deciding on the quilting pattern sometimes the secondary patterns make the decision easy and using the secondary designs in the quilting pattern creates a stunning visual result. Looking at the picture above (and I didn’t see this until I looked at the picture) the star that the dark red wheat pattern forms is larger and a dramatic contrast. I began to think about using that larger star to create a 3D feel using solid fabrics to create this block. See how a picture can give a different perspective you didn’t see before?

See the picture below- these are the fabrics that will become this quilt. Beautiful.

So you can see how excited I am to be embarking upon this journey. Every month after my class I’ll post my progress to share. Maybe I’ve inspired you to start something new yourself? If you don’t have a quilt shop that does Block of the Month classes look around online. There are websites that offer them and offer guidance as well. Part of the fun of these types of classes is everyone sews together throughout the project.

Until next month- find some time to sew!