Fabric Cutting Service

As a quilter I personally enjoy every component of constructing the top; cutting, piecing and pressing. I have also found, from my own experience and from teaching quilting skills to others, cutting is the hardest component to master. It takes time to develop accurate cutting skills and settle into your “cutting groove” as I like to say. We all know accurate cutting is the first step to putting together a quilt top that has points and corners meeting nicely and is very close to “square” when you’ve finished it.

For these reasons I decided to offer a Cutting Service here in my studio. I will complete the cutting portion of your project. This can include pre-washing, drying and steam pressing fabrics before cutting. Your fabrics will be labeled and organized, ready for you to start sewing. My service does not include preparing applique shapes.

This past weekend I cut fabric for a gal who has recently learned to quilt. She loves this craft and totally hit the ground running- I’m so excited for her! One small issue for her- she has a physical limitation that makes cutting very difficult for her. I was able to help her with an essential part of her project so she can start her beautiful creation.

If this is a service you would like to utilize please send me an email; I’d love to chat about your project!