Our Unusual Spring of 2020

Hello, Everyone!

I’ve been silent on my site for the past month or so and apologize for this. I’ve been busy finishing a quilt; my thought process has not been pondering blog content. The quilt is finished- please see it in the 5-3-20 What I’m Working On Post. It’s a very special quilt.

My purpose of this post is the subject of its title. I hope everyone and their loved ones, friends, co-workers are safe and well. The three members of my home are well. My thoughts and prayers continue to hope for safety for all healthcare, police, fire and essential workers who take care of us. Patience, gratitude and appreciation of what we have are important right now.

Personally I’ve been sewing since mid March when our stay at home order in Nevada began. The first thing I did was sew masks for a rural hospital in Mammoth Lakes. Then I had to turn my attention to the quilt I mentioned above. Finishing that I’m now wrapping up a baby quilt project for a client. And my list continues onward- next will be another batch of masks and finishing another baby quilt for a June baby. In between those projects, I’ve had an uptick in Etsy sales for my Ready To Sew Binding. Fellow quilters are buying binding to finish their projects. And in between all that I have two stinky dogs needing baths and the weeds in the yard keep calling my name.

I have not run out of any paper goods (and was never over-stocked on supplies) and have managed to find any grocery item I needed. I have gained a few pounds too. My desire and need to finish sewing projects has kept me away from excessive baking (and gaining even more weight). I wonder if my Most Excellent Baking Friend (yes, she deserves a Capital Letter Title), has spent more time baking these past 6 weeks…

On the brighter side, 1. you will be seeing a few new posts in close succession. 2. our time to stay at home seems to be coming “to and end”.

Until next time, everyone please stay safe, and find some time to sew!